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Roughs, Linetests, and Occasionally, Finished Works


The following is a resource list from 8ch’s /loomis/ and is a great resource guide for art and animation. Mirrored with implied permission.

Videos (Drawing/Painting)

Manual Dexterity for Drawing

For the beginner in particular, drawing can be a clumsy task. Improve your drawing speed and accuracy now by following along with these videos, and substantially increase the rate at which your art is liable to improve overall.

How to Hold and Control Your Pencil (Stan Prokopenko)

Dynamic Sketching I (Peter Han) – *

Dynamic Sketching II (Peter Han) – *

*: Peter Han suggests using somewhat expensive felt-tip pens made by the Staedtler brand to participate in this short lecture series, however a pencil-particularly a mechanical pencil-will serve you just as well if you simply resist the temptation to make use of the eraser.


Drawing Demo (Glenn Vilppu, Stan Prokopenko) –

Drawing the Figure From Your Imagination (Glenn Vilppu) –

Theory and Psychology:

While it can be very rewarding, drawing can also be a very frustrating hobby. Having your best efforts turn out to be less than stellar time and time again can be a troubling experience, one that has caused more than a few people to give up their artistic aspirations entirely. Watch some of these videos made by professional artists on the subject. Understand that you’re not alone and that, through hard work and willpower, there is a way out.

Being a Beginner (Matt Kohr) –

the Learning Curve (Matt Kohr) –

Expectation vs Reality (Matt Kohr) –

Building Confidence (Matt Kohr) –

Letting Go (Matt Kohr) –

How to Practice Drawing (Sycra Yassin) –

Art Advice I’d give Myself If I Had to Start From Scratch (Sycra Yassin) –

How to Train to Become a Successful Working Artist (Jeff Watts) –

Drawing/Painting Playlists Library (Matt Kohr) –

Drawing Basics (Stan Prokopenko) –

Course Books (Drawing/Painting)

While there are many videos that quickly explain some of the important concepts you’ll find in these books, sometimes a slower, more deliberate approach is desirable.

Observational Drawing

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain (Betty Edwards) –

One of the most effective introductions to observational drawing I’m aware of. One of its biggest downsides is its reliance on cumbersome and unnecessary accessories in later chapters. I recommend the first couple chapters and then perhaps trying “Keys to Drawing” by Bert Dodson-or simply just doing a lot of independent observational drawing after the fact.

the Bargue Drawing Course

A very robust observational drawing course. There is no hand-holding here. This course is recommended for intermediate to advanced artists and it’s recommended you revisit this course several times.

Imaginative Drawing

Fun with a Pencil (Andrew Loomis) –

In this book the author explains the important concept of construction in a simple way. It is recommended that you watch and participate with these two videos ( ; ) before reading.

Successful Drawing (Andrew Loomis) –

In this book the author further familiarizes the reader with broad concepts such as perspective, proportion, construction, character and so on.

Figure Drawing for All it’s Worth (Andrew Loomis) –

In this book the author explains the machinations and forms of the human figure to the reader in detail.

Drawing the Head and Hands (Andrew Loomis) –

Andrew Loomis guides the reader through the difficult problems posed by both the head and hands.

Videos (Animation)

Many of us have grown up watching animated films and television series produced by companies like Disney, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and so on. With today’s software and hardware both individuals and small teams can make short animated features in their own home. After you’ve gotten your feet wet with painting and drawing, the production of an animated short would be a good test of your versatility as an artist.

Motion in Animation (Jazza) –

In this 8 minute video Jazza quickly introduces 5 extremely basic, but important animation principles: Squash, Stretch, Smear, Anticipation, and Release.

Drawn Animation Tutorial – How to Do Clean Line (Arshad Mirza Baig) –

In this sobering, nearly hour-long video, traditional animator Arshad Baig walks you through the arduous animation “Clean-Up” process in Adobe Flash in real-time.

Animation Playlists

Happy Harry’s Huha 2 How To’s (Harry Partridge) –

In this 12 part series “Happy” Harry Partridge introduces the Adobe Flash animation program and walks you through everything from animating characters to acting.

AMB Animation Academy (Arshad Baig) –

Veteran traditional animator Arshad Mirza Baig explains many of the methods and techniques of hand-drawn animation in real-time using the Adobe Flash program.

Course Books (Animation)

Gesture Drawing for Animation (Walt Stanchfield) –

the Animator’s Survival Kit (Richard Williams) –

Author Richard Williams ( explains the process of animation in this veritable bible of animation

Setting Up Your Shots (N/A) –




Free digital painting and illustration application. Tons of potential.


Adobe Photoshop CS2 has been made available to the public for free by Adobe. Even at over 10 years old it is still competent as an illustration program and fairly competitive with more recent open source offerings, though notably less feature-rich than many of its commercial contemporaries, and in some ways, perhaps a bit unwieldy.


Free vector illustration application.


Free 3D animation and modeling suite


Free simple 3D modelling application.

Reference and Practice Resources

New Master’s Academy Daily Life Drawing Sessions (nude)

High quality photographs of nude models streamed over youtube

New Master’s Academy Daily Life Drawing Sessions (clothed)

High quality photographs of clothed models streamed over youtube


Human figure pose generator using 3D models.


Pictures of male and female models in various stages of undress.

Sketch Daily

Same as above.

Map Crunch

A website that pulls a random locale from google maps. A wonderful tool for both landscape and cityscape study.

Character Design References

Industrial Form and Texture References